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Sock special woman, with Bmax technology, specifically for high-performance trail running.

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Sock special woman, with Bmax technology, specifically for high-performance trail running. Its structure and composition are fighting the main causes of blisters: overheating, moisture and friction, while its ergonomic structure ESP protection, reinforces the points of greatest friction with the shoe (ESP plant structure developed in collaboration with the Asociación Española de Podología Deportiva, AEPODE).


  • Adaptability. It fits the body surface.
  • Adjustable ankle and instep to ensure maximum adaptability.
  • High performance. Designed for extreme situations.
  • Cushioning. Curl at the bottom to improve the damping on hard surfaces.
  • Antiwrinkle. Special fabric that prevents wrinkles on bending.
  • Antibacterial. Prevents the entry or creating microbes.
  • Asimetrik. Turn right and left for better differentiated application of benefits in the body.
  • Double heel to deliver a complete adaptability and perfect fit.
  • Ergonomic. Garment with ergonomic structure differentiated for right and left foot.
  • Light weight. 
  • Reinforced. Reinforcements in areas of greatest friction to provide greater comfort and durability to the garment.
  • Withouth stitches. The closure of the toe "point by point" prevents chafing.
  • Breathable. The fabric is opened in specific areas for better ventilation of the skin.


  • Composition: 50% Regenactiv, Cool-Tech 25%, 17% Polyamide Ion, 8% Lycra.
  • Weight approx.: 44 g.
  • Measure: H3 (tobillero, 6 cm on the shoe).
  • Color: Dark Grey /Coral



Feelcool garments with thermal requirements are specifically designed for high sweating sports and / or high temperatures. Its intelligent ergonomics has areas of greater perspiration points more sweating while adjusting their areas without pressure and flat seams give adaptability and comfort without limits.


It is the combination of Regenactiv and Cool-Tech, especially recommended for high sweating sports at high temperatures, provides optimum breathability sweat and helps keep the skin dry. The fabric technology Bmax cool layered structure as follows:

  • 1st layer: Yarn formed by the mixture of viscose and polyester chitin additivated with multichannel section.
  • 2nd layer: polyamide yarn ionized silver and elastomer, forming the central plot of the fabric gives great adaptability and antibacterial effect.
  • 3rd layer*: polyamide yarn reinforcement points with greater friction of the garment.

(* Only garments damped).


Ergonomic design with protection system to further reduce friction and cushioning in the most critical points tread: toe, heel and middle floor.

The result: power properties Bmax technology where the foot suffers most in contact with the shoe, provides increased damping between 25% and 40% compared to a conventional sock, and increases the durability of the sock.

The doubly protected standing surprised by the absence of chafing and blisters even in the most formidable challenges.


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Desafio Women Lurbel

Desafio Women Lurbel


Sock special woman, with Bmax technology, specifically for high-performance trail running.

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