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Self-inflatable mat recommended for mountaineering and trekking in extreme conditions.

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Self-inflatable mat recommended for mountaineering and trekking in extreme conditions. Its special elastic covering offers maximum resistance to abrasion, external chemical agents and the lowest temperature.


  • PU film external cover.
  • Low density foam with Mummy shape.
  • Single airtight valve.
  • Valve protecting hygienic cap.
  • Artistop antislippery surface.
  • Elastic non-slip fabric ArtiStretch.
  • Non-slip PU elastic surface.
  • Stuff/transport bag.
  • It includes transport bag and instruction manual.


  • Quick inflation and deflation processes.
  • Minimum weight and volume.
  • Rest and comfort in camping.
  • Great thermal insulation.
  • Easy transport and storage.
  • Material: Polyuretane.
  • Dimensions: 185 x 50 x 3 cm.
  • Weight: 540 g.
  • Color: Anthracite.



A non-slip surface which fixes the sleeping bag to the mattress, to avoid the sleeper sliding off and sleeping on the hard ground.

Sleeping bags use fabrics with a special finish to achieve a smooth, pleasant feel. The disadvantage is that as a result the sleeping bag slips a lot on the surface of the mattress. Due to changes in the body’s position during sleep, we may slide off the mattress and wake up on the hard ground. To avoid this, Trangoworld® has developed ARTISTOP, a non-slip surface.

ARTISTOP increases non-slip properties by 70%, and provides the positional comfort necessary for rest.


An elastic surface which allows the sleeper to enjoy all the softness of the foam inside the mattress.

The main design aim of the Trangoworld self-inflating mattresses is to provide comfortable rest. Conventional self-inflating mattresses are covered with a rigid fabric which acts as a hard barrier between the body and the softness of the interior foam. Trangoworld® has eliminated this “barrier effect” with ARTISTRECH, an elastic covering thanks to which the body rests practically on the soft foam itself, providing extraordinary feel and comfort.

The pressure marks in the diagrams show the reduction in pressure on certain parts of the body (head, back, rear, ankles). The surface area that comes into contact with these areas is considerably increased, reducing the average pressure on the body. ARTISTRETCH achieves improved comfort during rest.

Channel Core

Special horizontal die-cutting that reduces weight and volume, considerably increasing comfort and insulation.

Individual Tested

Every mattress has been individually tested and responds to Trangoworld quality standards.


The sponge cut to the figure removes unnecessary volume and weight.

Protection Cap

Hygienic cover to protect Roundlip valve.


A comfortable, waterlight, clean, hygienic inflation valve. Trangoworld has developed the RoundLip system which is made up of two components: a grooved closing thread and a blowing nozzle -even and smooth- which turns independently of the closing thread. The RoundLip makes inflating easy in the most extreme conditions. This system is one of the aspects that have situated Trangoworld as one of the most innovative companies in this line of products. The two valves RoundLip system facilitates notably the inflation and deflation processes.


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Skin Micro Lite Trangoworld

Skin Micro Lite Trangoworld


Self-inflatable mat recommended for mountaineering and trekking in extreme conditions.

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